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 Crazy "Apple"

In the industrial chain globalization today, Apple can say fun in the "global village" of convenience, right upper and middle reaches of the industrial chain manufacturers Qiaoguxisui, creating today's Apple surpass Exxon Mobil as the world's most valuable listed company, usher pinnacle of their memorable moments. Poem: one million marrow will be off the ground, you noticed that Foxconn workers "Thirteen jump" event, you noticed that the touch screen aspect of hexane chronic poisoning, etc., from July 2009 to now, Apple has been in China foundry hundreds of people have suffered an accident near the public record.

A small round apple on earth could trouble you? The answer is no. But Apple's ability to bring the United States set off a consumption binge in the Earth, the Earth people understand. Its iPhone to control the mobile phone market for decades Gangster Nokia down from his throne; it introduced the iPad tablet only stifle the nascent Internet industry, also pushed the traditional laptop market edge; they pass it to launched Apple TV, all TV manufacturers are jittery, frightened; when Nokia, Samsung, Dell, etc. to emulate, it all began to pick up the patent stick attack ......

Apple in the global market as a compliance with the law of the jungle lion, it enters the patch of prairie, will bring bloody patch of grassland, and is followed by eating scraps of his bald eagles, hyenas and coyotes.

Saying: If you want to understand the nature of the wolf, wolves will become one. Similarly, if you want to share a slice of apple industry chain, it is necessary to become a part of this. Looking to see always lead the trend of Apple's consumer electronics it, it firmly in control of the end consumer, directly or indirectly, in the upstream industry chain determines the fate of manufacturers, let vanquish its lead. Apple's suppliers are widely distributed in China, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, the Philippines, China Taiwan, Thailand and the United States and other countries. Apple are so many suppliers, as opposed to Apple's got 200% of the profits, they are still 2% -8% of gross win broke his head, and in the apple industry chain manufacturers are still eyeing the periphery, preemption by Apple supplier I brush out of the places and spaces.

Apple's "black hole"

On top of the pyramid in the global industrial chain apple company, now it can mobilize the resources and mastering like a black hole, like interstellar medium, resulting in a huge attraction, the global resources are attracted to their own body. Currently, Apple's supply chain products throughout the world, not only the large number of direct suppliers and indirect suppliers is no count.

It is the world's leading information and analysis firm HIS review the data showed, with regard to a single product Apple iPad, for example, in its lead, in 2011 and 2012 Tablet PC shipments worldwide will surge 267.3% and 75.8%, direct cause the demand for polymers and conductive polymers will grow by about 26 percent annually, according to the Canadian Electronics Industry Research Center predicted that the polymer expected to grow from $ 1.9 billion in 2010 to 2015 nearly $ 6 billion.

Then polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) between these two products in the most common materials, for example a housing, generally, an iPhone, per 135 g mass of approximately 3.1 grams containing plastic, accounting for 3% of total body weight, while an iPad computer plastic content of about 7%, sales of Apple's popular electronic products has spawned a huge demand. Also, the battery of the screen and the circuit is also used in plastics such as polyacrylonitrile, etc., these components will be close to the plastic content is usually 40%.

However, Apple's "black hole" on the same industry has caused tremendous damage, Nokia is not the only victim of Apple!

In addition to the Nokia mobile phone from the communications overlord, becomes only a thin one credit was awarded the garbage outside the company, when a handheld device, handheld computer brand Palm, nearly going bankrupt, thanks to Hewlett-Packard (HP) bought it before have saved; while Taiwan's Acer, profit model is completely original path failure, financial forecast this year to reach the target, but also allow CEO, Global CEO Lanci (GianfrancoLanci) to step down and leave. Other victims are still many: Intel, Microsoft, Micron, LG, BlackBerry maker RIM with game maker Nintendo, and even Amazon (Amazon) Bookstore was among them. Because the iPad went on sale 65 days, e-book downloads reached 5 million times, grabbed about 22 percent of the e-book market, even as early as the Amazon Kindle iPad launched three years, we can only sit and watch the market loss.

Apple's "black hole" of the victims range even beyond imagination. Apple is the first victim of the music industry. Because without him, Apple's iTunes music sales, surpassing Wal-Mart and BestBuy, to become the nation's largest record retailer, which makes several chain record stores close down. In June this year, Apple also announced plans to launch cloud music service, as long as there is a portable device, you can always listen to music online, and do not download. This way, the record player, and audio industry, only waiting for the end. The vendors selling keyboard suddenly no business to do, because the iPhone is buttoned with a finger touch. Apple terrible "black hole" from Finland's top technology companies, including to the United States a small rural town record store, no one can escape its powerful gravitational and destroyed. (From "China LCD Network")


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